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As I mentioned in a recent post (This Week), I’ve just ordered some paint from The Nursery Paint Company, as I liked the fact that it’s not just safe for my baby but safe for me to paint with while pregnant, and I found the colour swatches beautifully tasteful (and the paint names totally adorable!).


Nursery Paint Logo


I started painting baby number 2′s cot, wardrobe and mini cabinet with it just this week, and if I manage to finish it before she decides to arrive, I’ll be posting some pics up on Mummy Look!

Here are some good reasons to buy this paint if you’re thinking of decorating your little ones’ rooms:

  • Safe to use while pregnant
  • Antibacterial – no germs can grow on it (great if your baby decides to bite on painted cot bars)
  • No strong scent
  • Non-toxic
  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% natural – made from soya beans!
  • 49 gorgeous colours in four finishes for different surfaces – safe for walls and furniture
  • Super-cute paint names include Rosie Cheeks, Ga Ga Grey, Once Upon a Time and Cashmere Cuddle
  • Luxurious, expensive-looking finish
  • Easily wiped down (perfect for sticky fingers)


Paint shade: Restful

Paint shade: Restful


Paint shade: Her Sunday Best

Paint shade: Her Sunday Best



What I really like is that the founder is a mum, Helen Thomson, who had a very clear idea in mind:



Helen with a selection of paints

While I was pregnant with my first child, Fletcher, I knew that, more than any other time in my life, I wanted to use the purest things I could. We had moved house 6 weeks before the birth of our little boy, so needed to find something for me to paint the nursery with, and quick! As most of you will know from reading any baby advice books, blogs or magazines, the paint that you decorate with can be a real problem. Not only for a pregnant lady decorating, due to breathing in all the chemical laden fumes, but long after the paint has dried the paint will still emit harmful chemicals in your child’s room.

Eventually, I found a natural paint (abroad) that was ok, but I really wanted a high quality finish with more inspiring colours to choose from, as well as being sustainable and antibacterial. A tall ask, I know!! So, The Nursery Paint Company evolved. We have created the very first Nursery Paint Range that is Natural (made from Soya Beans), VOC Free (safe while pregnant and for years to come) and Anti Bacterial (kills 99.9% of any known pathogens). Tick, tick and tick!!


Paint shades: Wall in Whisper, table and chairs in My Little Buttercup

Paint shades: Wall in Whisper, table and chairs in My Little Buttercup


BEST OF ALL – Helen is offering all It’s a Mummy Look readers a lovely 15% discount off The Nursery Paint Company paint when you enter the code MUMMY15 at the checkout, so if you’re looking to decorate your Small One’s space, get shopping!

Thanks to Helen and The Nursery Paint Company for all images, info and the fab discount.



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