Nursery gadgets

So now that I’m beginning to kit out a second nursery, I’m finding myself interested in all the stylish and helpful little gadgets and décor items I’ll need  I’d like for my baby.

I was flicking through a magazine on the way home from work and spotted the Serenity Star from Aden and Anais:

Serenity Star, Aden and Anais

Serenity Star, Aden and Anais


Straight away it appealed to me, from an aesthetic point of view, as I love stars and I liked that it kind of felt like an Apple product. Also, it’s minimal and neutral enough to suit any gender and any room, not just a nursery.


  • Feeding diary It records and displays the last point in time you started breast or bottle feeding (and which side you last used if breastfeeding) – handy in those first sleep-deprived months  weeks   days when you can barely remember where you left the baby, let alone which boob they last had a go on.
  • Lullaby soother It plays a choice of two lullabies, white noise or a heartbeat, for either 30 mins, 60 mins or continuously.
  • Room temperature indicator The star will glow red if it’s too hot, blue if too cold or stay white if the room is the ideal temperature. Takes out the guesswork and the dilemma of whether to add/remove an extra layer.
  • Night light It has a subtle, soothing glow that’s enough to reassure without waking up a child or preventing sleep, yet is enough for you not to stumble around in the dark when you come in to check on them and are sneaking around with ninja-like stealth.
  • Clock Also handy. I never thought I’d need a clock in a baby’s room, but it’s actually quite useful when you’re wondering how long you’ve been pacing the floor at 2am trying to rock them back to sleep, or your toddler’s demanding bedtime story number three and you want to know if you’ve got enough time to fit one in before EastEnders.

Aden and Anais Serenity Star, £64.99, from here.


My personal must-have

But while the Serenity Star looks cool, I haven’t experienced it. I have, however, experienced the joy that is the Gro Clock, from the Gro Company. And now we take it everywhere. Let me explain…

I first became aware of the Gro Company when I was researching blackout blinds, then I came across their range of sleeping bags and travel sleeping bags too (as you’ll remember from My Travel Must-Haves).

Then, once you start desperately Googling why your toddler has started waking up at 5am, you start to hear whispers of this supposedly life-changing gadget that teaches them to wake later…


Gro Clock, from the Gro Company

Gro Clock, from the Gro Company



  • A digital clock with a glowing screen showing images of stars or the sun to indicate ‘sleep’ and ‘wake-up’ time.
  • The star shows it’s bedtime, as the big star’s eyes are sleeping, and the smaller stars surrounding it go out one by one during the night to show the passing of time.
  • The sun shows it’s wake-up time. The screen changes from soothing night-time blue to morning yellow and a big, bright sunshine appears with a smiling face and open eyes to signal it’s time to wake up.
  • Key-lock option If your curious toddler is likely to reach over and start pressing the buttons, this is helpful!
  • Two separate wake-up time options means you can set different wake-up times for weekday/weekend or night-time/daytime nap (my friend recently started adding 10 mins at a time for the weekend wake-up time, and now gets a bit of a lie-in! Lucky if your child will fall for this. Doesn’t always work if your child, like mine, often wakes half an hour before the Sun display and will usually amuse himself singing, playing until the Sun, but will get bored / irritable / whingey if waiting for too long.
  • Adjustable screen brightness So it doesn’t have to be blaring through the room, keeping your child from dozing off.
  • Cute story book comes with it to explain the difference between night and day and the importance of good sleeping patterns, with the clever use of farmyard imagery and sun and star icons, just like those on the clock.

It doesn’t always work overnight, depending on your child, but keep persisting and reading the story, and saying things like ‘Night night, love you, see you in the morning when the sun comes up’ as you put them down, and you never know, your mornings might also be revolutionised!

Gro Clock , £29.99, from here





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