Pregnancy pampering

While I was staying at Sands Resort in Cornwall, my hubby treated me to a pregnancy massage at the spa. And it was blissful.

It was a Hydrotherm Pregnancy Body Massage, where you lie face up on warm water-filled cushions, a bit like a water bed. The therapist used pregnancy-safe essential oils and massaged everything from the tips of my toes and up my aching calves to my arms, shoulders, back, face and head. I’d already fallen asleep before she’d even got past my legs (awks…).



The water-filled cushions on the massage bed

The water-filled cushions on the massage bed


Despite being face-up, the easily manipulated water cushions meant the therapist was able to reach in and massage my back and shoulders, and the heat from the cushions made my muscles relax even further.

Having a massage when you’re pregnant is not just a gorgeous treat, but really therapeutic (and should be on the NHS). The right kind can:

  •  Boost flagging energy levels
  • Relax and calm your body and mind
  • Ease the tension commonly felt by mums-to-be in shoulders, neck and back muscles
  • Help drain fluid from swollen ankles and feet and make them feel amazing




Check out your local spa to see what their preggo-friendly treatments are. Make sure all their essential oils are suitable for pregnant women and let them know if your skin has become more sensitive since you’ve been pregnant, or if you’ve had any lower back, hip, pelvic or joint pain before your massage starts (so they can position you comfortably – I have dodgy hips that lock in place when I lie flat, and this gets worse when I’m pregnant, so the therapist made sure my legs were bent at the knees and put an extra pillow behind my back).

If you’re London-based, the Mummy & Baby spa at Independent Mind Body Soul in Balham has a range of pregnancy treatments (using bump-friendly Aveda products) that includes the hydrotherm cushions. Check out their treatment list here (15% off Mon-Fri 9am-5pm for NCT card holders – book yourself a treat for when you’re on maternity leave!).

Then lie down and drift off…

Hydrotherm Pregnancy Body Massage, Ocean Spa, Sands Resort, Cornwall,  £42.00





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