Wardrobe management

Create a look book

Once you’ve got your capsule mummy wardrobe sorted, another way of keeping the morning ‘what shall I wear?’ ritual short is by creating a look book. By this, I mean take a load of snaps of yourself in outfits that work, then store them so you have a handy little album to refer to when your brain can barely work out how to count formula scoops, let alone put two items of clothing together. In my previous life as a personal stylist, I used to advise my clients to do this, and they found it really handy. Some took Polaroids and Blu-Tacked them to the inside of their wardrobe door. Others stored them in a file on their computer, or printed them out and put them in a scrap book. But these days, as they say, there’s an app for that…

If you’ve got a smart phone, wardrobe-organising applications are really addictive. With these nifty tools, you can either take a pic of yourself wearing the whole outfit in a long mirror; take a photo of the items laid out on the floor/your bed (with a white bedspread to make it clearer), complete with matching shoes and accessories; or snap each item separately and file them in their individual categories. Then just mix and match outfits and store them for future reference. Obviously this assumes we all have loads of spare time to start photographing items of clothing once we’ve put the baby to bed, sterilised bottles, tidied up the whirlwind of nappy bags, wipes, etc in the living room. But I suggest either doing it bit by bit in the evenings when you have a spare half an hour or, alternatively, just remember to take a snap of yourself in a full-length mirror when you’re liking your outfit, then store it so you can copy it another day when you’ve been up all night administering Calpol and matching a top to a pair of jeans makes you want to cry.

My favourite wardrobe-management apps

  • Closet LiteFREE – A basic, straightforward organising tool that allows you to photograph your items, create outfits and start packing lists for holidays, etc. If you like it, you can upgrade to the full Closet app for £1.99.

Closet Lite, free, iTunes App Store

  • My Style Fashion Assistant£1.49 – Designed by fashion experts, this one allows you to add your outfits to your own personal fitting room, mix and match items with a three-panel slider and basically turn your own wardrobe into one of those paper-doll dress-up games we all had as kids.

My Style Fashion Assistant, £1.49, iTunes App Store

  • Stylish GirlFREE – Organises your wardrobe, puts outfits together, creats packing lists, offers one-click shopping and, if you add your favourite brands, it will tell you when sales are on. Dangerous…

Stylish Girl, free, iTunes App Store

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